15 Nov 2018

New Frutek porridge 190g from fruits and cereals

Try the new cereal porridges.

Try the new cereal porridges! For more than 45 years, at Fructal, we have been making sure that little ones grow into big ones, and we offer a large selection of Frutek porridges and juices for the youngest. The main ingredient of all Frutek products is delicious fruit.

In the new Frutek porridge, we have added ancient grains, which are in trend in nutrition. In addition to banana and apple, the first porridge also contains semolina, while in the second we added wheat flakes and barley to the fruit. Porridges are nutritious, they do not contain added sugars, only sugars of natural origin from fruits. Since they contain gluten, they are suitable for babies after 6 months of age. Vitamin C is added to spelled porridge.