20 Mar 2019

Frutek fruit porridge: a new taste in practical packaging

Tasty meal for active little ones.

Tasty meal for active little ones! Frutek products packed in pouches are extremely popular among both children and parents. They work in squeezing mode, which means that babies are independent when feeding and do not need additional accessories. Frutek pouches are ideal and quick snacks for travel, during the game, in the car and whenever you simply run out of time to prepare a full meal.

We followed the desire for variety and additional flavors as well as the desire for porridges that will be part of the meal, so we prepared a new fruit-cereal flavor: Fruit porridge. Fruit porridge is a delicious snack that helps children feel full, as it consists of apples, bananas, cherries and cereals. Thus, we added a fifth flavor to the portfolio of existing products in the pouch.

All Frutek porridges in the pouch are without added sugar (they only contain sugars of natural origin), without added colors, flavors and preservatives (in accordance with the regulations on food for babies and small children), and have added vitamin C. You can offer the porridges to children from 6 to 8 months onwards, they are also a tasty snack for older, active little ones.