20 Aug 2021

 Rules of the Frutek prize game Frutek x Froc

Frutek x Froc - rules of the Frutek prize game



These rules determine the way of organizing the prize game "Frutek k Froc." The organizer of the prize game is Fructal d.o.o., Tovarniška cesta 7, 5270 Ajdovščina. The competition is in no way sponsored or promoted by the Instagram/Facebook social network, nor is it affiliated with the Instagram/Facebook social network. 


The prize draw is held with the aim of promoting the organizers, the Frutek and Froc brands. The prize draw takes place from 20.08.2021 to 30.08.2021 until midnight and applies to the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The prize draw takes place on the official Instagram profile of Frutek Slovenia, which can be accessed at the following link: www.instagram.com/frutek.si


The prize pool includes:

1x Froc high chair worth 229.00 euros

5 x monthly supply of Frutek products worth 30.00 euros

Total number of prizes: 6

Total number of winners: 6

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash, other goods or services.  


All natural persons residing in the Republic of Slovenia who are users of the Instagram social network can participate in the prize draw. Employees of the organizer, members of the jury and members of their immediate family (parents, spouses, children, brothers or sisters) and employees of the companies Formitas d.o.o., AM Komunikacije d.o.o. cannot participate in the prize draw. and Rimarket d.o.o. In order to participate, a minor participant in the prize game must obtain the consent of their parents or legal representatives or guardians. The organizer checks such consent at the latest before awarding the prize.  


Purchase is not a condition for participation in the prize draw.

To participate in the prize draw, you must:

By publishing their comment on a public post on the Frutek Instagram profile, the participant knowingly makes it available to the public, therefore any personal data that is evident from this comment may lose the character of personal data in the sense of the current regulations on the protection of personal data, and thus the protection provided for in these regulations.  


Winners are determined by a random computer draw made by employees of the organizer. The names of the winners will be published on the Frutek Instagram profile no later than 7 days after the end of the prize draw.  


Prize winners will be asked to send prize delivery information (name, surname, address and tax number in the case of the main prize) to the Frutek Instagram profile within 3 days. The prize will then be mailed. The prize delivery deadline is 60 days from the day the winner sent the address. If the winner does not provide the address within 3 days, the Organizer keeps the prize.  


Participants cannot claim prizes in larger quantities or other prizes than those specified in the rules of the prize game. By participating in the prize draw, participants accept the rules of the prize draw and undertake to respect them. By participating in the prize draw, the winner agrees that, in case of publication, his name and surname will be publicly published on the list of winners on the Frutek Instagram profile.

The organizer reserves the right not to award the prize, even if:

  • there is doubt about the identity of the winner's personal data,
  • if it is determined that the person participated in the prize game in violation of the Rules and conditions of the prize game,
  • the prize cannot be awarded due to incorrectly filled data by the winner.

The organizer does not bear any costs incurred by the participants as a result of participating in the prize draw. The organizer does not take over liability in the event of a dispute between participants in the prize draw. Any disputes will not affect the rules by which the organizer awards prizes. 


Incorrect or incomplete entries are invalid and will not be taken into account in the selection of winners.  


Personal data of the winners will be used exclusively for the purposes of conducting the prize draw, awarding prizes in the draw and paying income tax in advance. The data provided by the awardee will not be handed over to a third party or used in any other way in violation of the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), except to the extent expressly prescribed by these rules. After sending the prize, the prize winner's personal data will be destroyed. By participating in the sweepstakes, the participant allows the organizer to store, process and use all personal data related to him until the end of the sweepstakes, for the purpose of contacting the participant regarding the progress, information, award or changes related to the sweepstakes and expressly agrees that his name and surname can be published on the Frutek Instagram profile. If the winner of the prize does not want to believe this information, he can try to agree with the organizer on a different way of collecting the prize or the prize can be cancelled. During the management of personal data, the participant in the prize game has the possibility to review, overwrite, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data in the database, in accordance with the applicable regulations. The participant in the prize game can at any time ask the organizer to permanently or temporarily stop using his personal data within 15 days, by sending a request by email to info@fructal.si. The manager of the collection of personal data is the organizer - Fructal d.o.o.

The individual has the right to receive the following information regarding his personal data:

  • purpose of processing,
  • types of personal data,
  • users or categories of users,
  • anticipated retention period of personal data,
  • right to submit complaints to the supervisory authority;
  • when personal data is not collected from the individual to whom it relates, all available information about its source.

The personal data of the winners may be transferred to third parties - delivery services that will deliver the prizes to the winners of the prize draw.  


According to item 3 of the third paragraph of 105 of the ZDoh-2, winnings in a prize game or competition are taxed as other income, but only if their value exceeds 42.00 euros. The value of the main prize from this raffle/competition exceeds 42.00 euros, so the organizer will collect and pay the raffle advance for the winners.  


In the event of a dispute between the organizer and the participants, the court in Ljubljana is competent.  


The prize draw can be suspended in case of occurrence of circumstances for which the organizer is not responsible, and which could not be foreseen, avoided or prevented. The participants will be informed about the suspension of the prize game via the official Frutek Instagram profile.  


In Ajdovščina, 20.08.2021