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The Diary of Mom Lucia, Part 2: Getting to know the world

Five months. If it seemed to me that, as a family of five, the first four months went by in an incredibly calm rhythm, the fifth one was as if it didn't even happen, as if I was not catching up, I was in one place and then I just closed my eyes and I was already in another place. That strange and somehow new feeling followed me for half of the last month and I wanted to shake it off, but I didn't know how. It was out there somewhere. New because I consciously avoid the sentences "Where did all that time go?" or "When did the children grow up so much?" I wanted to be present here and now, more than what I was telling myself: "Lucia, you are present in the relationship with children, you and Philip make time for the two of you", I didn't know what to do with that feeling. 

Well, we are approaching September, the month of setting the schedule, and finally the light bulb went off in my head. "It was the month of children's vacation and husband's annual leave," I thought. It was a month of announced rest, unannounced but wonderful family trips, hastily arranged visits to loved ones. And accordingly, there was less rhythm in my schedule and, accordingly, less of the routine that I love so much - showering in the morning, breakfast, waking up and getting the older two ready for kindergarten, Hana, who watches everything lying on the pillow, going to kindergarten and then her the first nap of the day and my morning walk when I quicken my pace and breathe in the fresh air. This routine suited both of them and when I watch Hana in the last weeks, I notice that she was missing it – the routine - too. Morning peace so she can get some sleep. 

Morning routine with three children 

Although every day is a little different, the morning routine is really my favorite and I only became aware of it when it was gone. And the month unrolled almost as quickly as our Hana turns from her back to her stomach and meets the world. If everything was more static a month, a month and a half ago, the moment has come when I will not necessarily find Hana where I left her a few minutes ago. With the second child, we placed a large mirror next to the pillow on the floor - interesting for the baby who looks at itself in it (and until one year old the baby doesn't know it’s looking at itself at all:)), and also for our first girl, Sara, who is a big fan of dancing, the dress that and performances in general. They made a custom-made mirror for us, measuring 1.5 x 1 m, and it is useful for all members - even for us when the older two are hiding behind the bed and believing we can't see them, they do some kind of trick, and we see everything together from the very other end of the room . One:nill for parents :). Although the older children play a lot in the children's room, the main play area is still the play mat and the space around Hana. A winning combination - she watches their game for a while, and cheers them up with her presence and smile. 


Exploring the world 

Slowly Hana will start to crawl - as a parent, you never know when those developmental, movement-limiting milestones will happen, and each time you realize anew what it will mean for the family. What was a puzzle with the first one (e.g. moving heavy books from the lower shelves and setting up tactile toys suitable for babies, hiding cables...), now with two mischievous toddlers will have a whole new dimension and I think Lego blocks and beads will be most challenging. Since she is the youngest of the three and the most oral type of child and puts everything, really, everything in her mouth... But, there is already the topic of next month: the introduction of solid foods. How beautiful a human being is. They come into the world completely helpless, unable to take care of themselves. They need a warm touch, milk and sleep. Five months pass, and you think about organizing the apartment, so that the exploration of the world for those little dark eyes is as pleasant, spontaneous as possible for a child. And you remember that it's only like that in a safe shelter at home (and adapted rooms), everything else is a world where, like everyone before them and everyone after them, they will have to learn to get up, fall and gather themselves. And the last one is the most important in life. 


Lucia is the mother of two girls and a son and Filip's wife. Each month, they will share with you a record of a varied family life. She will write notes related to motherhood, although she is aware that it is important that she is accomplished first as a woman, and only then as a wife and mother. Also, a large part of her life consists of music and active spending of time in nature, as well as good coffee in quality company. 

Photo courtesy of: @aluna.life