3 Mar 2022

Renewing the entire image of the Frutek brand

We follow the needs of customers and strive to maintain the top quality of our products.

We follow the needs of customers and maintain top quality. Planned, but gradually and thoughtfully, we set out to restore the visual image of the Frutek brand. As part of the research we conducted in the main markets (SLO, HR, BIH and RS), we discovered that mothers have a hard time finding their way to the baby food shelf when shopping for products for their little ones.

We found that mothers find it difficult to search and choose between the taste and the recommended age for the introduction of porridge according to the age of the child among all the choices of baby products. Thus, as part of renewing the visual image of the Frutek brand, we had in mind the establishment of easier and more pleasant navigation on the shelf and helping parents to choose more easily between flavors and to separate Frutek products by age.

We visually solved the flavor segmentation by differentiating the flavor groups from each other by introducing different color bands on the label. The recommended age of use of Frutek products is illustrated by squares of different colors for +4, +6 and +8 months.

We also introduced a new, cute mascot - a dinosaur, which makes Frutek products interesting and curious to children's eyes. We kept the distinctive red bravo and returned some softness to the Frutek logo.

By renovating the brand, we wanted to strengthen the position and recognition on the Slovenian market and increase sales and maintain recognition on foreign markets as well.

When creating the labels, we took into account:

  • the importance of transparency of information,
  • important information about the product (the products do not contain additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, do not contain added sugar),
  • the products are prepared in accordance with the legal regulations on food for babies and small children and are made exclusively from the highest quality natural and flawless raw materials and enriched with vitamin C (world trends encourage the addition of vitamins and minerals to the diet).

The products do not contain gluten (products for the youngest from +4 months), we kept the BIO range and emphasized the difference in ingredients (the difference between fruit porridges and porridges containing cereals such as oats, barley, buckwheat).

In accordance with the gradual introduction of complementary foods for babies, we follow the guidelines for the gradual introduction of nutrition and ingredients for babies: we offer vegetable and fruit flavors, because vegetables are among the first ingredients offered to a child when introducing complementary foods from 4 months onwards.